Vacations & FMTY

I am also available to accompany you on holiday, or maybe you live far away and you’re wish to have an experience with me! As a luxury ebony travel companion based in London, I offer FMTY and TMTY dates. Whether it’s up the road in Glasgow, around the corner in Paris or a tropical getaway in the Maldives, I am passport (and railcard) ready and happy to join you!

24 hours with you, in your city (UK/Ireland only)– £2500

24 hours with you in your city (EU/International)– £2800

A weekend away with you (3 days, 2 nights)– £3500

A week away with you- £6000

Each additional day- £1000

Please email me at for any special requests! I’m looking forward to exploring a new corner of the world (or the UK) with you.

As a luxury Black British travel companion, I offer a unique blend of sophistication, cultural insight, and impeccable service. With a deep appreciation for both the finer things in life and the rich diversity of global experiences, I ensure that every journey transcends mere travel and becomes a tapestry of unforgettable memories. Whether we may be strolling through historic streets, visiting tourist attractions or savouring exquisite cuisine (or maybe you want a chilled vacation consisting of basking in the sun!), I look forward to exploring a different corner of the world with you.

*It is important to note I do require all travel expenses to be taken care of, including flights/train fares and accommodation. All flights should be booked in at least business class.

*I require a 50% non-refundable deposit for all FMTY and TMTY dates.

*Please visit my Consideration page for more information about my rates.

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