Deposits & Cancellation

I require a booking deposit for all dates! I typically accept most methods of payment, including bank transfers, CashApp, Paypal, and good old-fashioned cash. A deposit not only reassures me of your commitment, but it also reassures you that I am committed as well. It will be used to reserve my time and defray any costs incurred in the event that you are unable to attend. I require a 30% deposit for local/tour dates and a 50% deposit (plus all travel costs) for fly me to you and travel dates.

Deposits are non-refundable if you are unable to attend our date; however, I do allow one-off rescheduling with the same deposit if adequate notice is given. I require five days’ notice for travel, and fly me to you dates. In the extremely unlikely event that I must cancel our date, I will refund your booking deposit and any booking prepayment in full. As a rule, I utilise discounts to obtain the most affordable fares for my travel dates; consequently, once booked, all travel expenses are non-refundable. If you would like me to book flexible travel to allow for rescheduling, please let me know so I can quote you appropriately. By reserving with me, you confirm that you have read and agree to all of these terms.

Booking & Availability

I kindly request you complete the booking form, along with the mandatory screening. Upon receiving the deposit and completing screening, I will request a deposit to secure our date in my diary. Once we have the technicalities out of the way, I will request a short phone call with you so we can briefly get acquainted with one another, and shake away any first date jitters (I’m guilty of this).

While I do love some spontaneity in my life, and I understand you may have the urge to arrange a date with me on a whim, I usually plan my days well in advance. This means that the chances of getting a same day booking is very slim. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask! Email me at for any requests.

Screening and Privacy

Before scheduling a date, I require all first-time romantic partners to be screened. It is essential to me to verify that you are a safe and respectful person to spend time with, as well as that we are compatible, so I provide an array of simple screening methods. I place a high value on connection, and I achieve it most effectively when I am at ease in my company.

Regarding your privacy, I can assure you that all information provided to me remains completely confidential and therefore is deleted once the screening process is complete. I am solely responsible for all vetting and administration, and there are no third parties involved.

Before and during our date…

I value good communication leading up to our date. I will respectfully decline a date with you if your communication is vulgar or otherwise offensive. I kindly request that all interactions prior to and between scheduled meetings remain professional. I do not have an assistant and handle all of my own administrative tasks, so I am unable to send numerous lengthy emails and would much rather meet in person.

I believe that being punctual is one of the simplest methods to demonstrate respect. I will always strive to arrive on time to our scheduled date, and I would appreciate you to do the same. If you are running late, I will extend a 10-minute grace period, but please keep me informed so we’re able to spend the allotted time together.

I always keep myself immaculately groomed, and I ask the same of you. 

I request that my fee be settled within the first five minutes of our date, preferably in an envelope that has not been sealed.

Are you ready?