A Weekend In Seville: Unveiling its Architecture And Enchanting Gardens

Written by Tyra Knight

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Earlier this month, I was taken on a trip to Seville. The city where every cobblestone seemed to whisper tales of history and every garden breathed life into the city’s soul. As a Game of Thrones fan (the fictional city of Dorne was actually filmed in Seville!), this city was on my bucket list for years!

The Architecture

Seville’s architecture is a living testament to the artistry of civilisations that have left their mark over centuries. The Cathedral of Seville, with its awe-inspiring Giralda tower is the perfect example. Wandering through the streets, I found myself drawn to the delicate Moorish tiles adorning the buildings, which told a story of cultural fusion and artistic expression.

Amidst the bustling city, Seville’s green spaces provided a serene refuge that nurtured both the body and soul. The Maria Luisa Park, a pleasant mix of colour and tranquility, offered moments of respite amidst blooming gardens and reflective ponds. The scent of orange blossoms hung in the air, a fragrant reminder of the city’s vibrant energy and natural beauty.

The Palace of Alcazar *cough* Dorne

At the heart of my journey stood the illustrious Palace of Alcazar, which left me utterly captivated. It was also where the ‘Dorne’ scenes were specifically filmed, so it is safe to say I was in ‘Dorne’! Its labyrinthine courtyards, adorned with intricate stonework and ornate arches, had me in awe. If ’slices of heaven’ exist in this world, the palace is definitely one of them. 

I also had a chance to get a carriage-drawn horse ride tour of the city (It was so good, I went twice!Once in the evening, and once more the next morning so I could see the vibrance of the town!).

I bid farewell to Seville… to its architectural wonders, its verdant gardens, and the rich history that binds them together. This journey has only ignited my eagerness to uncover more of the world’s hidden gems and immerse myself in the stories they hold. I’m truly grateful I was taken there. Until we meet again, Seville!

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